The other day I was talking to this guy I know. He is an attractive guy with a couple of different companies doing his thing. I had to know why he was single. Of course he said it was by choice. He told me that he wasn’t really looking for a relationship right now. So I asked him whether he had a shortage of female companionship.

“Oh no!” was his reply. He said that he likes to have fun and if a woman understands that then it’s all cool. Now I couldn’t help but respect him for that because I’ve run across quite a few guys who feel the same way but they don’t have the balls to come right out and say it.

Now this is what got me.

Within the same conversation he asked me if I liked to cook. I hesitated because I’ve found that many guys (especially here in the South) use that as a judgment type question. I tend to be negatively judged because I’m not the domestic type and I don’t have a problem saying that. There’s no need for me to pretend to be something I’m not. Now don’t get me wrong, I will take care of the people in my life (just ask anyone close to me) but I’m not the woman eagerly waiting for her husband and kids to cook for and clean up after.

So when he asked me about my cooking skills, my first thought was WTF? You want to know if I would cook a meal for you right after you just said that you only want to offer a woman “fun” because you don’t have time for much else.

How is it that he could do that with a straight face? The double standard in that statement alone was interesting to me. In one instance you can’t help but appreciate his honesty and in another you can’t help but be a little unnerved at his nerve.

It’s so crazy to me…