I’m an ecletic person. When it comes to music, I will play anything from Danity Kane to Jay-Z within one car trip. I can truly say that I like all types of music. If it appeals to my senses, I will listen to it and sing along if I learn the words.

Well the other day I was watching videos getting caught up on what’s new and considered hot by BET, VH1 and MTV’s standards and I saw a video by this new artist, Lily Allen. I’ve been hearing her song on the radio for a while now and I like it because it’s catchy and cute but after seeing the video, I’m sold on it.

I love how her video was so unapologetic about things that I’m sure many women want to do after a breakup but don’t have the guts to do. The funny thing is that I read about her in Jane Magazine and that made me pay more attention to her as well. Jane Magazine is often unapologetic about covering all aspects of women’s thoughts and lives so them writing an article about Lily Allen definitely gave her some “street cred” in my eyes.

I encourage women to check her out. People are so afraid to be completely honest about how they feel and want to react to things. This song is just one small example of how refreshing it is to own your feelings even if they may not be the most user friendly to others.

Go Lily Allen!!