I have been working really hard to build my client list. I’ve had several opportunities presented to me and many of them have not panned out. It’s hard to work with people who may or may not truly understand how business works especially if my sole role is to publicize or promote their product or service. I guess since I also do business consulting and run my own business, I have some knowledge about running and setting up a business. It sometimes bothers me to see someone with an awesome idea and concept that can be quite profitable let it get away because of lack of humility or lack of experience.

Creating a company can be a humbling learning experience that teaches you patience and perseverance all at the same time. Everyone isn’t supposed to be a business owner. Some people are great at providing the ideas and others are great at executing those ideas. There are even fewer people who are great at providing and executing ideas.

When I tell people that I have my own company, they look at me all impressed. They tend to think it’s cool that I work for myself but what they don’t know is that I work almost around the clock. I hardly ever get time off and I am always on call but I also have to fully understand my strengths and weaknesses.

That’s what has me so frustrated dealing with some people. They refuse to accept where they are weak and allow someone else to assist. No one man is an island. No one woman can do it all. Understanding that one fact is essential. Before you even make the move to figure out what you want to name your company, you need to understand that.