When I initially decided that entrepreneurship was the best route for me to go I knew that it would take some time before I was financially stable and able to work solely on my business endeavors without having to maintain a “real job” . With that in mind I began to work on creating a name for myself as a public relations person and manager so that I could drum up business as a consultant. I work hard, really hard. I have a part time “real job” that helps pay my bills and gives me health, dental and vision insurance and when I’m not there I’m working hard at building my client base as a consultant.

I always figured I would come across fakers and other people who weren’t in a good place to handle good business but I never thought that I would work with or attempt to work with people who would go as far as to sign contracts and put things in place only to let the business lapse. I suppose I was naive when I figured that filling out paperwork and agreements was enough to ensure that a person would at least attempt to handle business.

I was wrong. I guess I gave people too much credit but I’ve found that becoming angry and jaded isn’t the answer either. I will just work on maintaining my optimism and finding positive people to work with. People who honor their commitments and stand by their word because it’s important to them. I still see the glass as half full.