It always amazes me how people perceive things. One major moment in the life of one person can be yet another daily occurence in another person’s.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and he made a reference to another individual that he’d had a run in with while in college (5+ years ago) and he mentioned not liking that person. Well time had come where he was going to have to interact with this person again and he was dreading it. Funny thing, he met up with the person and their interaction was cool. In fact, the other person didn’t even seem to remember the incident.

It’s crazy how we as people make things in life much more than they should be or need to be. I met a good friend of someone I’m close to and she said something that I keep in mind often. She said “Don’t take things so personal.” Now when she said it at the time I didn’t fully get it but as time passed, I started to get it more and more. What she basically meant was “It’s not always about you.”

I agree.

If you think about it, people are so self absorbed that most of the time they’re so busy thinking about themselves that they didn’t even notice what you did. Or if they did notice, they won’t necessarily remember it unless it had some major impact on them. I think we would all breathe easier if we remembered that. “It’s not always about you.”

Interesting concept.