Happy New Year!!!

I know that its been sometime since I blogged. Life has been quite busy. I finally got the chance to go to New York for a few days. I really enjoyed being there and exploring the city. I met some cool new people and got a chance to reconnect with someone from my past. I am convinced that I need to be up there right now. I’m working on it and there will definitely be some interesting blogs about my adventures or mis-adventures.

With all of my time being spent offline and dealing with people, I noticed a disturbing trend. Many people allow themselves to become victims of their own lives and situations. I have had conversations with friends and family members who would complain about things in their lives but when I asked them if they have tried to change the situation I get lots of excuses about why they can’t. It amazes me because if I ever have a problem with my situation I make moves to change it. If I can’t change anything but my role in it, I will do that.

I just wish that more people would take an active role in their own destinies. Yes there are those that believe that no matter what we say, our destiny is fated, however I believe that we do have control over the path we take to get there. You know life is not always about the destination. It’s often about the journey. (I totally stole that from somewhere and made it my own.)