I have always had an interest in modeling. When I was younger, I wanted to be a runway model but when I was still 5’4 as a junior in high school, I resigned myself to pursuing other interests since I am well aware that runway models need to be at least 5’9. When I went away to college, I still had an interest in modeling but more print work than runway so I joined two modeling troupes. While in the first one, JADIS, I did a photo shoot and a fashion show where I modeled lingerie and a swimsuit. It was an interesting experience that I ultimately enjoyed. While modeling with this troupe, I was told one day that I was too cute to be sexy so I resigned myself to being a cute model with “body” as one member put it.

That troupe disbanded due to administrative issues later that year so I decided to join a new troupe that was founded by some friends of mine called FACES Modeling Troupe. I did a photo shoot and a couple of fashion shows with that troupe and I learned how to walk and turn better. It was a cool experience and I carried it with me even after graduating.

Well last weekend, I did a photo shoot for the first time in almost 8 years. It was weird because I was very apprehensive being in front of the camera on the spot like that. For some reason I couldn’t get out of my head enough to enjoy something that I really enjoyed while in college. After the shoot, I thought about it and realized some other things that I could have done differently. I also spoke with someone who has also done modeling and looked at some models that look a bit more like me (not a size 2-4) and I was impressed. I was also a little excited because I feel like I can do it too. So now I want to do it again. The photographer asked me if I would be comfortable modeling in lingerie or nude. I think I can do lingerie, I may need some building before I can do nude.

It’s quite exciting trying something that will take me completely outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always been the one to play the background in things and this will allow me to play the front. Now this doesn’t mean that I want to abandon all of my current career goals to pursue a modeling career but it does mean that something I’ve always been interested in doing has become something that I can actually do. Nice.