I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were discussing our lives. She was seeing this one guy for a while and fairly recently she decided that it was time to walk away. She is also in the process of determining what career path will be best for her. We started talking about how we both have made decisions that involved walking away from a “comfortable situation” to pursue something we felt was best in our hearts. She made a statement about life being about having the ability to let go.

That statement struck a chord with me and I realized that letting go can sometimes be the hardest and most liberating thing a person can do. Most of the time we think about letting go and how it relates to romantic relationships and while that can be quite hard, there are some other areas where it can be harder.

One area in particular is in the job/career area. From the time we can remember, we are told that our life path should include leaving high school, going to college and finding the job that will take us into retirement. A lot of people do take that path and some of them are happy doing it. But there are others who don’t find comfort in that path. I consider myself a person who took that path but with a planned detour after college. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I sought out jobs that would train me for that inevitable fate.

Recently I decided to let go of my entrepreneurial ideals and take a part time job with a bank. At first I was hesitant but now that I’ve been in the job for a few weeks, I feel like it was a great thing to do. Now that I’m working in banking, I am gaining a skill that will always be beneficial. I have to be very detail-oriented and organized. I also have to deal with different types of people on a daily basis. All of those skills are very useful when working in entertainment. One of my biggest career goals is to have my own production company and produce films. I have already gotten the MBA (which I have heard is what a lot of producers have) so now I’m getting other skills that will help me in that role. I also decided that I can put that goal further off into the future while I continue to develop my professional and personal skills. Boy, being a grown-up is HARD!

Letting go…

It’s the hardest and most liberating thing to do.