Well I went to the Mary J. Blige concert last night at Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater here in Atlanta. I must say…it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen ever!

I’ve been a Mary fan for years (it took me some time to get into her fan club but now I’m securely rooted in it) and I’ve never had the opportunity to make it to one of her concerts. Now I did have the great honor of seeing her and Jay-Z perform “Can’t Knock the Hustle” during his Jay-Z and friends concert that was supposed to be the Jay-Z and R. Kelly concert. (I really hope I got the song name right. I suck at remembering song names). That was a GREAT performance and I love that song but it was still a very small dose of Mary. It has been really cool watching her grow and change over the years.

Last night’s concert was like Mary full circle for me. Plus it was something that I really needed. It has been a long summer for me and I haven’t been able to travel and really explore like I would have liked to but all of that was released last night. Mary took us all to church! She is definitely the voice of the people. Her ability to speak to her pain, triumphs, courage and faith is unbelievable. She sounded wonderful and looked fab-u-lous!

I was transported out of my body as I swayed, sang and even teared up during the show. That was truly one of the first concerts I’ve ever attended where I was truly enveloped in the music. It truly led me back around to the reason why music has played such a major part in my life. Plus, Mary’s music has been a big part of the back drop of my life. She sang all of my favorites plus some of my other not-so-favorite favorites. By the end of the night, I was on true sensory overload. As someone who is pretty laid back, that doesn’t happen to me very often and it was a wonderful experience!

I don’t know where Mary may be headed next on her tour but I would highly recommend that show to ANYONE. If you aren’t a true Mary fan, you will be.