This past weekend a good friend of mine got married. The wedding was beautiful. It started on time (promptly at 5:59 according to my watch) and was basically wrapped up by 8pm. The location was gorgeously over decorated but everything was really striking and pretty.

For the first time in my life, I felt a small pang as I watched the ceremony. I suppose this is the beginnings of my biological clock ticking. According to society and everyone else I come across, my clock has been quite slow to start moving. I still don’t feel in any way ready for the whole marriage thing. I am, however, ready for a relationship.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am still quite picky and although I am ready to share my life with someone, I am not willing to accept the first person that comes into my life. I’ve met some really nice guys who would make great boyfriends…for someone else. I refuse to settle for a “great guy” who isn’t so great for me. I have met someone who can fit the bill for a potential boyfriend but as someone who has been single for years (since 1999), I still want to take things really slow.

I guess most women (people) would wonder why I am dallying when it comes to relationships, but I know that the next relationship I get into will be for keeps so I can’t take it lightly. I don’t plan on dealing with divorce (although I know that most people don’t) so I want to do all of the prep work necessary to make sure it’s right.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.