Ever since I graduated from college, life has been a series of revelations and “light bulb moments” (a term often said by Oprah). At one point I would get a major life revelation at least once a month. It was great! I was growing as a person and I enjoyed it. I made peace with a lot of the character traits that I had wrestled with while growing up. I became more and more comfortable with the person that I was and I settled into the idea that growing up is a constant process.

Well lately I have been feeling really stagnant. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in this time and I’m ready to move on to the next challenge. Granted, running my business and establishing myself as a public relations consultant/manager/business consultant within the entertainment community is an ongoing challenge for me right now but I feel like I’ve reached a plateau of sorts.

I have always had a restless spirit. I’ve always wanted to see, do and experience many different things. Right now my restless spirit is suffering from sensory underload. I should be out experiencing the world and all it has to offer but I’m stuck here in Atlanta feeling like I’m spinning my wheels and making very little progress. I guess this is yet another life lesson for me. I have to figure out how to jumpstart my career (and the careers of the people associated with me) and push myself into the next stage of my life.

I guess I will keep waiting and working on getting that next “light bulb moment”. Wish me luck!