I am quite tired and worn down by people right now. Why is it that people say they want to get to know you and then get frustrated when they can’t put you in a category?

It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m an enigma. I’ve always been one. I don’t fit squarely into one category or the other and I’ve found that many people are the same. Unfortunately those people tend to feel some sort of unrealistic pressure to squeeze themselves into the aforementioned box in order to make everyone else happy. I refuse to alter my existence simply to make someone else happy. If I’m not happy with the alteration, it doesn’t make sense for me to make it.

I guess some of you may say that’s an arrogant and selfish way to live life but I’m happy. My friends and family are happy with who I am. The only people who have problems with me are those who feel the need to take one aspect of my character and make that be “who I am”. I guess that’s what we’re taught. Everyone is a “type” and if you can’t typecast them and “figure them out” then you shouldn’t be bothered with them. I guess it’s an overall issue of control. If you think you’ve got someone pegged then you can control some aspect of that person because you “know what makes them tick”.

Hell, I don’t always even know what makes me tick and I live inside my own skin. I think that’s a bit arrogant and selfish to profess to know what makes someone tick and base your actions toward that person on that “knowledge”.