Fairly recently I decided that I would make myself available to meet someone new. Well I met a really nice guy a couple of months ago and I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and take the time to get to know him. Well he’s a perfect example of the one that you can “take home to mamma”. He has a good job, a house and stability. There’s only one problem though.

I have no desire to jump his bones when I see him.

He’s not unattractive but I don’t have those strong sexual feelings toward him. I shared these thoughts with my friends and one of them thought that it might be good that I don’t want to sleep with him as often as possible but I’m not so sure.

To me sex is a very important part of a romantic relationship but I wonder if I’m putting too much emphasis on it in this instance. We click pretty well in other categories so maybe the sex stuff would come later?

Is it shallow or unrealistic to want the stability, good conversation and comfort to be all wrapped around an unmistakeable physical attraction?