Well my career of choice is within the film, music and fashion industries. I’ve been drawn toward that industry ever since I was a freshman in college and despite a few attempts otherwise, that’s where my heart lies. I learned early on that I would not be happy unless I was doing exactly what I wanted because then it wouldn’t feel like work. The only thing that I would do in other industries is some form of event coordination or business consulting.

Recently I discovered that my calling is to use my skills and abilities to help other people succeed. I’ve been working in various administrative positions since I was a senior in high school which is why my company is a business consulting and management firm. I like to help people in the best way possible.

Well since I started working on my career more hardcore in the past few years, I have noticed an unsavory quality in many of my business dealings. There are a lot of people that I have had business dealings with who had a desperate quality to them. They are either desperate for money, attention, acceptance or anything else that they need outside sources for. This desperation is usually very evident and apparent and easy to exploit. I choose not to exploit it simply because I choose not to operate on that level.

Desperation…it’s a very bad quality to allow yourself to possess. Everyone has hard times and rough patches in life but once you allow desperation to take over, you force yourself into a corner. Desperate people are easy to find and they allow themselves to get into compromising positions because all they see is that thing they are desperate for. Unfortunately I think it is what prevents many people from ultimately succeeding no matter how talented they may be. It’s a sad thing that I’ve seen much more of in the entertainment industry than anywhere else. I’m sure it manifests itself in other areas but entertainment is so larger than life that it’s twice as apparent.