Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a 28 year old living in Atlanta. I have my own management and business consulting firm and I do public relations consulting as well. I work primarily in the entertainment and fashion industries. Last weekend I graduated from grad school with my MBA. The weekend before that, I turned 28.

Life is really in a tailspin for me right now. I have been working constantly for the past three years and I’m officially burned out. My company is slowly experiencing success but it is slow and I am being taught patience in that area.

My dating life is all over the place. Up until a couple of years ago, I was totally against the idea of having a boyfriend. I’m still not out there trolling the clubs and sports bars looking for “the one” or anything but I did decide that I was open to the idea of being in a relationship again after 5 years. When I made that decision, I didn’t do it out of desparation so I am still very picky when it comes to guys.

Well late last year I met this guy. He was nice looking but he looked like the typical nice guy, not the typical guy I gravitate toward. I decided to step outside my box and exchanged numbers with him anyway. As it turns out, we had TONS of things in common. It was like he was the male version of me. We could talk about everything and it was really fun spending time with him. Well after we’d been hanging out for a month or so, he disappeared.

This is a common phenomenon with me, guys disappearing. I call them my own personal Houdini’s. I called him and emailed him with no response. After a couple of unreturned phone calls and no email messages, I gave up. Well in the summer I work at one of the local amphitheaters part time and he works there full time. I knew I would see him but since I had given up, I wasn’t worried. Well he kept making it a point to speak to me. He even had the nerve to ask if I was going to be mad all season. I told him that I wasn’t mad but that I really didn’t have much to say to him.

Thanks to the miracle of myspace, he found me and sent me a message today. He wants to start up a dialogue with me. I’m not sure why he wants to talk to me especially after his unexplained disappearance before. He proceeds to tell me that he disappeared because I asked him for a status report on our situation and told him that I really liked him. He assumed that meant I was trying to lock him into a relationship.

What the hell? I was very disturbed by that assumption. Why do guys assume that every woman wants to marry him? He hadn’t even shown me that he was boyfriend worthy let alone anything more serious. Goodness gracious…