Digital Education and Training

One on One/Small Group Sessions

These are small training sessions crafted to best serve the unique needs of the participants. The maximum number of students in each group session is four. If you are interested in a series of sessions, please choose the ones you want and we can work together to craft the best series to meet your needs.

Social Media 101/102

Do you know how to use social media but feel like you’re only scratching the surface? Whether you need a basic overview of how to use social media or if you have specific needs that you’d like addressed, this session will provide you with overall insight as well as practical tools you can use after the session is over.

Cost: $100 an hour

Covers: Two social media platforms with additional platforms at $35 per platform


Digital Storytelling

You can use social media proficiently but you want to take your use to the next level and use it with intention and purpose. This education session is designed to introduce you to the concept of digital storytelling. Whether you want to use social media for your business, community service or personal goals, story is an important part of the process. Not only will you learn the definition of digital storytelling, you will see it in action and be given some actionable tools to help you start implementing it after the session is over.

Cost: $125 an hour

Minimum sessions: 2

Covers: Three social media platforms with additional platforms at $35 per platform


Analytics and Measurement

Tracking followers is the common way that people measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, but this is only one small part of the overall story. It’s important to understand the 5 W’s of your social media audience. Tracking followers gives you an idea of how many people are in your community but you also need to understand the who, what, why and where if you want to use social media to really reach your goals. This education session will show you how to go beyond simply tracking followers to see how well your social media campaign is really working.

Cost: $150 an hour

Covers: One social media platform with additional platforms at $50 per platform


How to Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Have you made some choices that could paint you in a negative light if someone were to do an online search of your name? While it’s impossible to remove information from the internet, it is possible to improve your digital image. This education session will provide actionable tips for how you can improve your digital footprint.

Cost: $150 an hour

These training sessions can be done on site at your office or online via Google Hangout. It’s best that it’s done in a quiet setting where all students can have their questions answered and needs addressed. If you’d like to schedule a training session, please contact me and tell me which session you’re interested in and your desired goals for taking the class. I look forward to hearing from you!

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